Mother’s Day…groan..

This Sunday is Mothers Day.

I have a real problem with Mother’s Day. Not the idea of celebrating motherhood; of course we deserve a special day all to ourselves. But I have a massive problem with the endless adverts telling me what I REALLY want for Mothers Day. They tell me that I should not be happy unless I have received some form of indulgent pamper package, a massive bouquet, and a weekend away. And some hair straighteners. And smilier, frecklier kids. Anything less is a poor show, quite frankly.

Of course, the implication is that if we do not spend buckets of cash on our Mothers, we do not love them. It is also a triple spending whammy, as not only am I being told I need to spend oodles on Mum, and Mum -in-law in order to prove my love and respect, but also my husband (ie. me really, as it’s a joint account) should spend a fortune on buying presents on behalf of the kids. Like they really actually care.

What I REALLY want, is, well, nothing. I will genuinely be more than happy with a nice card, some daffs, and for the kids to cook Sunday lunch and wash everything up. Without arguing. Likewise, when the kids were younger, just a ‘day off’ from chores, and a chance to go to the loo alone were hugely appreciated.

Of course, the advertisers realise that this is actually, probably, what the majority of women really want, and so they have engaged in a game of double bluff with the men-folk. “Don’t trust women when they say they don’t want anything” they shout. “She will never forgive you” “Women always say one thing and mean another”.

Which as we all know, is mysogenistic claptrap.

Honey, if I say I don’t want a gift, I really don’t.

Here are some things I really would like for Mother’s Day, and they are all free:

A lie in
No washing up
No laundry
Cups of tea on demand
A trip to somewhere beautiful to walk the dog, preferably with sunshine
Some home made biscuits or other delicious thing
The chores to be done, as if by a magical fairy
To hear that I am loved and appreciated.

Xxx. Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful Mums out there. I’d love to hear how you will be celebrating Xxx




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