About Us

We are an average family, Mum and Dad, and three teens, and we live in David Cameron’s squeezed middle.  For one reason and another, we have managed to build up a sizeable debt, and we have decided that it is time to pay it off.  We are also trying to teach our teens about the importance of budgeting effectively, and we offer ourselves to them as excellent examples of well meaning people who got it spectacularly wrong, and then hopefully put it right. This blog will chart our journey to becoming debt free!  Wish us luck.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Best of luck to you Thrifty Ninja on your journey to becoming debt free. The fact you are teaching your teen children about budgeting is awesome; you are setting them up for financial success in the future. Some of the best financial advice I’ve received has come from my parents and it has served me well in my adult life/career.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi there, I am one of the joint owners of BargainBuysForBusyMums and really appreciate the mention of our facebook group on this post – ‘A Girl Needs a Tidy In-Box’.
    We also have a website that we are trying to promote so people who are not on facebook can also benefit from our posted bargains. The ‘latest bargains’ page is proving popular, http://www.bargainbuysforbusymums.co.uk/latestbargains – along with our new daily email alerts, http://www.bargainbuysforbusymums.co.uk/subscribe. It would be really great if you could mention any of this and a link would be hugely appreciated as it will really help our effort to rank in google! Many thanks.

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